About Iowa Remodels

Iowa Remodels is launching with one goal, to make home remodeling easier for people living in Iowa.It all starts with browsing our extensive remodeling ideas gallery to find the features you wish to incorporate in your home, then adding those ideas to our Remodeling Planner to keep track of your project.The Remodeling Planner helps you ensure that you’ve made all necessary component and contractor decisions.Creating this type of detailed plan is critical whether you’re using a general contractor, or completing the project yourself.

Once you’ve chosen what you want your remodel to look like, it’s critical to have the work done right.That’s why we’ve created the Iowa Contractors directory.All contractors listed in our Iowa Contractors directory have been extensively screened to ensure these companies will deliver quality work on-budget and on-time.It’s a valuable resource in planning your Iowa home remodeling project.

How can Iowa Remodels help you?

  • Remodeling Ideas to help you navigate available options and find inspiration for your remodel.
  • Remodeling Planner is a free online tool that helps you plan your remodel.
  • Iowa Contractor Directory helps you find reliable, high quality sub-contractors.

Why Remodel Your Home?

Aside from building a completely new home, remodeling is your path to living in a home that fits your desired functionality and style. Given the large amount of time you’ll spend in your home, you want to live in a space that makes you feel good. Remodeling is a decision that will continue to pay dividends for years to come and ultimately increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell.

The benefits of home remodeling

  • Improved functionality. Room arrangement and layout that makes everyday life easier.
  • Ambiance. Love the space you live in. Create an environment that is inviting for both guests and yourself.
  • Reduced Maintenance. Remodels can make your home require less time and cost to maintain.
  • Investment. Instantly increase the value of your home.

How To Get Started

The best way to start planning your remodel is to sign-up for our FREE Remodeling Planner. After logging in to Remodeling Planner you will be asked which areas of your home will be remodeled. Based on your selections, the planner will build a list of all components and contractors that will need selected prior to kicking off your remodel. You can then choose each of the components and contractors with an easy visual of the decisions you still need to make. The key to a good remodel is having a good plan. Remodeling Planner is the best way to plan & execute your own remodel, or to facilitate better communication with your general contractor.

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